Clamp-Together Ducting: An Easy Solution For Difficult Areas

Traditional duct work in homes for air conditioning are typically made of one piece that runs throughout a long distance. In an industrial setting, however, ducting may need to run throughout longer areas as well as in some difficult places with many corners. Using a ducting system that clamps together allows you to customize the way you need the ducts to work and gather anything from dust and wood pieces to chemicals. It can also be used to help collect things like fuel and the mist that gathers from fumes.

How It Works

Instead of singular, larger pieces of duct work, clamp-together styles allow the user to purchase and install a wide variety of different fitting like split and corner pieces. These pieces are all attached using a clamping mechanism designed to keep the pieces tightly together. By using clamp-together style ducting, the duct work can be modified to almost any imaginable configuration. Stainless steel pieces and rubber or silicon gaskets are typically used in this kind of ducting. The silicon option is ideal for higher temperature use, since it can withstand more heat. A material called Gore-Tex is also used in heavy duty applications, since rubber tends to wear down much faster and needs more replacing.


Duct work can come in a wide variety of sizes, and most range from as small as a 3-inch diameter to a larger, two foot diameter size. The end of each piece is rolled, making it easier for the clamps to fit snugly. The clamps have a simple to use latch, which makes it extremely easy to unlatch if the duct work needs to be moved or reconfigured. If the flow needs to be redirected in separate areas, single or double "branches" can be added that will split whatever is running through the duct into different directions. Corners can be installed to allow things to move around bends, and even rigid 90-degree or 30-degree cut-ins can be installed.


There are many benefits to using a clamp together ducting system. These benefits include:

  • Easy reconfiguration simply by removing and then reattaching clamps
  • Pipes and fittings that are easy to change out and connect
  • Extra parts and pieces all designed to fit the existing pipe or duct correctly
  • Adjustable duct piece options that allow you to change distances quickly
  • High quality materials like stainless steel and Gore-Tex help extend the longevity of the ducting