Renting a Dumpster? Here's 3 Things You Need to Know

Dumpsters are great for being able to eliminate a bunch of excess waste and garbage from around your home. While some items can easily be disposed of in these dumpsters, others are prohibited and some may tend to cost you extra. To help you understand what items should be thrown into a dumpster and what items shouldn't, check out the information below.

Items You Will Pay Extra Money For

Regardless of whether you rented a dumpster to get rid of excess items around your home or you are looking to remodel, it is important that you understand that certain items aren't meant to be thrown away like everything else. Sure, you can throw tires, appliances, and mattresses away, but they are going to end up costing you extra, mainly because these items are more difficult for the dumpster rental company to get rid of. The amount will vary based on the product and the rental company you are using. Make sure you ask about the added fees beforehand to save yourself some time and money down the road. 

Items That Cannot Be Put Into a Traditional Dumpster Rental

Even though it may be a dumpster, that doesn't mean you can go crazy with what you throw into it. Items that cannot be put into the dumpster include batteries, chemicals, pesticides, paint, solvents, automotive fluids, and other hazardous chemicals. These items have to be disposed of in a special manner, so you need to let the dumpster rental company know what it is that you are planning to dispose of so they can better assist you. Disposing of these items in the wrong way will end up contaminating the world around you.

Items You Can Put in the Dumpster

The most common items that can be thrown into a dumpster are typical household garbage, clothing, food, and remodeling materials such as wood, drywall, trim, and papers. Make sure to ask for a complete list of what items are allowed to be thrown into the dumpster and what ones you need to put somewhere else. This will help save you a lot of time and hassle along the way, as well as any added fees for not following the rules.

Knowing what you can and cannot throw away in a rented dumpster will save you time on the cleaning and disposal process. Look for roll off dumpster rental services in your area to get started.