The Commercial Cleaning Professional's Guide To Floor Scrubber Maintenance

Commercial cleaning machines like floor scrubbers are meant to be durable and long-lasting; however, if you and your team aren't putting a focus on maintaining this equipment, you are only increasing the risk of it failing on you. Make sure you understand what practices can help keep your floor scrubbers in better condition for a longer period of time.  

Recovery Tank Cleaning

Make it a point to clean out the recovery tank after each use. While the tank is designed to hold the dirty water during use, it is not intended to hold water for extended periods of time. The primary risk with engaging in this type of practice is the risk of mold growth. 

Mold forming inside the tank won't just cause a foul odor, but the mold can eventually embed itself within the walls and start to spread through the water line and other parts of the machine, causing malfunctions. Ensure you are both emptying out the recovery tank and drying it before storing away the machine. Similar to mold, rust can also form inside the tank and spread throughout the machine, causing extensive damage. 

Inspect The Brushers

A large part of what makes a floor scrubber so efficient at keeping floors clean are the small brushes that are installed on its underside. Even if you are doing an excellent job removing debris from the floor before using the scrubber, there's always the chance of lint, dirt, hair or some other debris getting left behind.

This debris gets pulled into the brushes, eventually making its way up the line that delivers the cleaning solution, causing a clog. The best way to avoid this is to inspect and remove any debris from the brushes after each use. 

Maintenance When You Need It

When your floor scrubber is down because of a malfunction, so are your profits. If you aren't able to use your cleaning equipment, it can make it impossible for you to operate as a commercial cleaning professional. In the event your machinery stops working, make sure you are taking it in to a professional cleaning equipment repairs service for a thorough assessment and repair. Additionally, if you use your equipment often, it might even be a good idea to consider taking in your cleaning equipment for periodic maintenance as a part of a preventive services package.

The more effort you put into maintaining your floor scrubber properly, the less you have to worry about a malfunction and the more you can focus on satisfying your clients.