How to Recognize and Replace Nylo-Seal Plastic Seals

The brand Nylo-Seal produces the most popular plastic seals you can buy. They have numerous applications, but they are not as widely known yet. You may or may not have any of these plastic seals in your factory, depending on how old the compression machinery is. While there is less of a chance of leakage and failure in this brand's plastic seals, it can eventually happen. If you are not sure whether you have Nylo-Seal seals on the tubing of your compression machinery, or if you need to replace the seals you currently have with Nylo-Seal's seals, here is more info on how to recognize and replace these seals.

One Style Fits Most

This particular company has created a very sure and tight-fitting seal in their simplistic plastic seal design. While the sizes and widths may vary, the design and function are the same. You can recognize Nylo-Seal seals by their appearance. They are comprised of what resembles a domed hex nut on top of a simple, hex head screw. The slightly raised dome side of the hex nut has a hollow center, as does the screw. Your tubing glides into this opening until it comes out the end of the screw. Then the hex nut twists until it cannot be twisted further. The screw component twists into the tubing port on your compression machine. Altogether, the two pieces make a quick, super-tight hold on the compression hose and the hose port.

Replacing Nylo-Seal Seals or Converting Your Current Seals

If, after discovering that you do indeed have some of these types of seals and that they need to be replaced, they are quickly and easily replaced. Just twist the screw out of the hose port, then unscrew the hex nut component. Your hose should glide right out (as long as the hose itself is not compromised or damaged). Slip a new seal set onto the hose, tighten as before, install on the machine, and you are finished.

Converting the seals you currently have with the Nylo-Seal version may require a little extra work. You may need to install an extra part on the tubing port of your machine so that it accepts the seal's screw. If you are not sure how to accomplish this, call a company like Seal Pneumatics and ask for a repair and installation technician. The technician can bring the extra part to make the conversion and install it for you.