Two Ways To Cut Tiles

If you are going to do some renovation work in your bathroom, one of the things that you might be doing is replacing all the tiling in your bathroom. If you are going to do that, you will probably need to have a way to cut the tiles. You can do that with a wet tile saw or something like a tile cutter. 

Wet Tile Saw

A wet tile saw has a saw blade that is diamond-tipped. The blade needs to have the diamonds because the tiles are really hard, and they can wear through regular saw blades really fast. Diamonds are incredibly hard and can last through doing a lot of work. The saw also has a sprayer that will keep the area clean while you're working and reduce the friction between the saw and the tile. The wet saw lets you cut all kinds of tile, so if you want to have one kind of tile in your shower area, a different kind as a backsplash behind your sink, and yet a third on your floor, then a wet saw is the tool you are going to need in order to do that. A wet tile saw is also a useful tool if you are going to be doing a lot of tile work. If you don't want to buy a wet tile saw, you can generally rent one at a heavy equipment rental store. 

Tile Cutter

A tile cutter has a bed where you would place the tile, and then it has a cutting tool that you draw down over and across the tile. It doesn't actually cut the tile. What it does is score the tile. Once you have scored the tile, you will have to snap the tile where the score marks are. You should be able to get a nice, clean, straight cut that way. You won't be able to use a tile cutter like this on all tiles. For example, if you want to use glass tiles, you can't use one of these cutters, so you will need to use a wet tile saw. 

Being able to redo your bathroom will let you get the look that you've always wanted to have. But, if you are going to redo the tiling, you want to make sure that you are using the right tool for the job. A wet tile saw can be the perfect thing for you to do what you want to do. 

For more information on professional tile saws, contact a tool distributor or other resource in your area.