How Insulation Protects Your Workers From Loud Noises

One of the ways that industrial insulation is used is to combat noise. The machinery used by industrial facilities is so loud that it can easily become a health and safety hazard for employees. However, with effective insulation, you can dampen the noise and improve the work environment. You'll also be able to avoid OSHA penalties.

The Source of Industrial Noise

Industrial facilities often use large machinery that vibrates. The vibrations are then transferred to metal structures, and this causes them to vibrate as well. The drumming produced by the machinery is amplified by reflections in the hard walls and ceilings of an industrial facility. Because there are so many machines typically located at a plant, the noise can increase exponentially. 

Plant Rooms

Industrial facilities often use "plant rooms" to insulate the building against the noises produced by machines placed in these rooms. The enclosures require the application of industrial insulation to block sound from traveling out of these rooms. 

Plant rooms are useful because they allow you to isolate sounds. This allows workers to perform their tasks in one area far away from machines that are able to perform work remotely. You can more easily contain an area with the help of sound barrier curtains.

Barrier Blanket Systems

Insulation can capture and convert echos in your space. The echos cause noise levels to spike. While you will want to block initial sounds at their source, the barrier blanket system allows you to block any sounds that escape.

Advantages of Industrial Sound Insulation

In addition to reducing noise pollution, industrial insulation also reduces the number of vibrations that are produced by industrial machinery. This reduces the amount of wear and tear that industrial machines can be subjected to. Therefore, not only will you protect the hearing of your workers and avoid fines but industrial insulation contractors can help you cut business expenses in other ways.

The insulation used to soundproof your building can be custom-designed to fit your building and meet your facility's requirements. For example, insulation can be used to make sure that the insulation is compatible with any fire safety concerns. 

Workers are much less productive in a noisy environment because they are not able to focus as easily and because they experience stress and annoyance. Poor communication due to loud noises not only reduces productivity but can become a safety hazard. Therefore, you will want to have your facility soundproofed by industrial insulation contractors as soon as possible.