Top Differences You'll Notice When Shopping For Industrial Fasteners

If you are used to shopping for fasteners for home projects or even light commercial use, you might feel as if you are fairly familiar with the different types of nuts, screws, bolts, nails, and more that are available. However, when you start shopping for industrial-grade fasteners, you will probably find that there are some differences.

They're Often Designed to Work With More Materials

When you look for basic fasteners at a home improvement store or other business, you will probably mostly find fasteners that are designed to work with wood. Of course, in the industrial world, these types of fasteners are often needed as well, so they are definitely commonly available. However, in many cases, industrial professionals need fasteners that can be used with other materials, such as plastic, concrete, or metal. When you start shopping for industrial fasteners, you'll find ones that can be used with many different materials.

They Usually Come in Bigger Quantities

When you're shopping for regular fasteners, you will typically find that you can purchase them in smaller boxes or buckets. After all, when buying screws for a home project, the average person doesn't need to buy too many fasteners at one time. When you shop for industrial fasteners, on the other hand, you might find that they will come in much bigger quantities. In many cases, those who are purchasing industrial fasteners need large quantities of them, so it's easier and more convenient to buy more of them at one time. In fact, some suppliers that sell industrial fasteners require their customers to purchase a bigger quantity of fasteners at one time, particularly if they are offering discounted pricing.

They're Often Bigger

Although you can find smaller fasteners that are rated for heavy-duty, industrial use, you should know that when you start shopping for industrial fasteners, you may find some fasteners that are much bigger than what you will normally find when you're shopping in a hardware store or a home improvement store. When you need bigger screws, bolts, and more for industrial use, you will be glad that you can find bigger sizes when you're shopping for industrial fasteners.

They're Often More Expensive

Although bulk discounts are often available when you're purchasing industrial fasteners, you might still find that they are a bit more expensive than other types of fasteners. This is because they are typically better-made so that they can withstand heavy-duty industrial use. Contact a company for more information about industrial fasteners