3 Reasons To Use Aboveground Fuel Storage Tanks

You can locate fuel storage tanks above or below ground. While underground tanks have advantages, aboveground tanks are often a simpler solution. Why?

1. More Effective Leak Detection

You won't always immediately notice a leak in an underground fuel tank. You can't see the tank itself.

So, you might only notice a leak if your fuel goes down faster than you use it. Or, you might have to wait until you can smell the fuel or see signs of the leak in the ground around the tank.

If enough fuel leaks out, then you have to find a way to clean it up. It will contaminate the ground if you leave it.

You can see leaks in aboveground tanks much more easily. If you inspect the tank regularly, then you can spot fuel on the ground virtually as soon as the tank springs a leak. You get a quicker fix and reduce your remediation work and costs.

2. Easier Maintenance

Underground fuel storage tanks get some extra protection from being hidden away. While this safe placement can be helpful, it doesn't guarantee that a tank won't develop problems.

For example, an underground tank might corrode if it sits in damp ground for a long time. If the corrosion gets bad enough, then the tank might develop leaks and holes.

While you might be able to repair this problem, you won't necessarily have easy access to the tank. If you can't get to it, you can't fix it.

It's a lot easier to repair aboveground fuel storage tanks. You have access to them. Plus, you can do regular maintenance work a lot more easily.

For example, you can make regular checks on the condition of your fuel. You can clean it and the tank up if you need to. This reduces contamination problems.

If you keep your tank in good working order, then you reduce the chances of it developing serious problems. It lasts longer.

3. More Placement Choice

While underground fuel storage tanks free up space on the ground, they aren't always easy to place. Plus, once you install a tank, you won't want to move it. You need time and money to change its location.

An aboveground tank gives you future flexibility. You can move it to different locations more quickly and cost-effectively. You can even resell the tank if you don't need to use it in the future.

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