Top Things You Should Know About Pilot Lights On Control Panels

In your industrial business, you might have control panels in place that are used to control different equipment in your facility. You might not have paid much attention to the most basic components of your pilot lights. However, if you work with a control panel regularly—or will be soon—and want to know everything you can about its operation, these are some of the top things you'll want to know.

LED Lights Are a Good Choice

Different types of lights can be used as pilot lights. Ideally, you should consider LED lights. They are affordable and last for a very long time, so you shouldn't have to replace your pilot lights very often. Additionally, LED lights are nice and bright, so you should even be able to see your pilot light from a distance if you choose an LED light.

They Come in Different Colors

Pilot lights come in different colors. Many of them are amber or yellow, blue, red, or other colors. Some are also clear or white. You'll want to choose pilot lights in colors that you will be able to easily see. If you're going to be installing multiple pilot lights on your control panel—such as if you will be using the lights as indicators for different things—then you might want to choose LED lights in different colors. This will make your control panel that much easier to understand.

They Often Work With Alarms

One of the primary purposes of pilot lights is the fact that they can let you know things like whether or not your control panel is turned on. However, many control panels don't work with pilot lights alone. Many actually work with alarms. For example, if your pilot light is designed to turn on when there is something wrong with your control panel or accompanying system, it can potentially be connected to an alarm that might sound, too.

They Have to Be Properly Installed

Of course, your pilot lights need to be installed properly. You'll want to avoid electric shock both during the installation of the pilot light and during the use of the pilot light. Because of these things, you'll want to choose a professional installation. A professional who installs your pilot lights can help you be sure that your pilot light works like it's supposed to.

Now that you know a little more about pilot lights on control panels, you might know more about how to use your control panel. If you're in the market for pilot lights right now, you may want to check out LED options like YuCo YC-22R-3 lights.