4 Tips To Avoid Accidents At Your Site When Using Crane Rentals

Building projects have become more efficient thanks to heavy equipment like cranes. These machines are extremely powerful, making it possible to hoist weighty loads quickly. That said, cranes may also pose safety hazards, so you must follow the relevant safety precautions. If you plan to rent a crane, here are tips to reduce the chances of an accident at your site.

1. Use Qualified Operators

Trained crane operators undergo intense training covering setting up cranes, rigging, signaling, and operating the machinery appropriately. They also have certifications to ascertain their qualifications. Crane rental agencies always ensure that their operators undergo continuous training to enhance their skills, especially for operating newer, modern crane models. You can count on the operators to tackle any challenges at the site. This significantly lowers the level of safety hazards around the site.

2. Secure Loads With Heavy-Duty Straps

Even with trained operators, you know it is dangerous to lift loads without securing them tightly to the arm of the crane. Ensure your loads have been secured with netting, straps, and padding. The operator will also help you determine whether the straps and netting are strong enough to hold your load. They will also ensure your load is within the crane's capacity. This step goes a long way to ensure every hoisted load reaches its destination without snapping, falling, and causing severe injuries.

3. Stay Away From the Fall Zone

Before the crane arrives, it is important to take your employees through a short safety course. For example, they should know it is dangerous to stay within the crane's fall zones. Some crane rental companies provide these safety training courses. But it is crucial to check with your preferred company. Ensure your employees aren't around or near the crane. Fall zones also include areas where rigging could accidentally fail and the load gets disconnected suddenly falling. None of your employees should be around these areas to prevent accidents and injuries.

4. Avoid Using Faulty Equipment

Defective cranes are safety hazards. Crane rental companies take pride in providing reliable equipment. They ensure that the equipment is inspected, repaired, and tested regularly. You have no reason to fear when working with a crane rental company since their operators often conduct pre-operational inspections. They often check the condition of the engine, fuel levels, suspension, and pressure gauge. The operators rarely operate a defective crane, which prevents accidents in the long run.

There's nothing as important as ensuring the safety of your employees during a construction project. Therefore, follow these tips when renting a crane to avoid accidents and injuries that could cost your reputation and money.

For more information about crane rental, contact a local company.