What To Look For in a Heavy-Duty Mixer Before You Buy

Do you need to purchase a heavy-duty mixer, such as the Sigma Mixer, for use in an industrial environment? The right mixer can make it easier to combine different components in little to no time, eliminating the need to complete such a task manually, which would likely take up too much time and effort. If you're planning to purchase an industrial mixer, check out the following tips to ensure you know what to look for before you invest in one.

What to Look for in a Reliable Industrial Mixer

Knowing what to look for in a reliable industrial mixer can help you save money while purchasing something that will continue to work for you for years to come. The following features can come in handy in your workplace:

  1. Dual Mixing Blades: It's good to choose a mixer equipped with two counter-rotating blades that move synchronously. Such a design promotes efficient mixing and kneading by folding, stretching, and shearing the material. The blades effectively push the material from the sides to the center of the trough and vice versa, ensuring uniform mixing and distribution.
  2. High Viscosity Handling: It may be necessary for you to find a mixer that is particularly well-suited for handling materials with high viscosity, such as dough, rubber compounds, adhesives, and pastes, depending on what you plan to use in the mixer. The intense shearing action of the blades helps break down and blend the ingredients thoroughly, even in cases where the material is sticky and difficult to mix.
  3. Reduced Processing Time: The robust mixing action of a high-quality mixer, such as a Sigma, significantly reduces processing time compared to other mixers. It's especially advantageous in industrial settings where efficiency and productivity are paramount.
  4. Temperature Control: Some mixers come with a jacketed mixing chamber for precise temperature control. It's a valuable feature when processing materials that require heating or cooling to achieve desired properties or reactions.
  5. Consistency and Quality: A dependable heavy-duty mixer's thorough mixing and kneading action will result in consistent, high-quality end products. Uniform distribution of ingredients leads to improved product characteristics, such as texture, color, and taste.

By looking for the following features in a heavy-duty mixer, it shouldn't take long to find a piece of valuable equipment worth investing in for your business.   

The right mixer will serve as a versatile and powerful mixing tool designed for handling high-viscosity materials and ensuring thorough and uniform blending. Its unique dual-blade design and efficient mixing action make it an integral asset in various industries, contributing to improved product quality, consistency, and processing efficiency. 

If you are interested in a sigma mixer, or something similar, contact a supplier online.