Plumbing 101: 6 Must-Have Supplies For Your Office

Every business owner should have some plumbing supplies in their office or workplace. Even if you aren't skilled at plumbing, you can use these tools to help keep a plumbing emergency under control until the plumber can arrive.

So what should you keep in your office? Here are six plumbing supplies to have on hand at all times:

1. Plumbing Putty

Plumbing putty is a very handy tool to have on hand. It can be used in the event of a leak. While it won't completely cure the leak, it can be applied to the leaky area to stop it temporarily. You can also use it to help keep loose nuts, bolts, or other materials in place until a plumber arrives. To stop a leak, take the putty between your fingers and apply it to the leak. Press firmly and the leak should stop, or at least diminish. 

2. Pipe Wrench

Another handy tool to have in your tool box is the pipe wrench. This wrench is designed to tighten nuts and bolts in hard to reach areas, such as pipes. So it's very handy for those instances where something is loose and causing noise or leaks. You can use a pipe wrench the same way you would a traditional wrench. Put the opening over the affected area, tighten down, and turn the handle. 

3. Nuts, Bolts, and Washers

You should also have a variety of nuts, bolts, and washers in your tool box. These are usually very important when it comes to minor repairs, so having them on hand is a good idea. Store them in your tool box, a small jar, or even an old coffee container.

4. Drain Snake

In the event of clogged drains and toilets, a drain snake is necessary. This tools helps you remove clogs easily, by using a rigid wire to dislodge the clog. It can be used on all types of drains as well, including toilets and sinks. So you should always keep one in the bathroom. If you need to use a drain snake, insert the tip of the wire into the drain and crank the handle. The tip will enter into the drain and dislodge any clog that is present. 

5. Plunger

On the same note as above, a plunger is another handy tool for removing clogs. Like the snake, it can remove clogs in all types of drains. However, this tool uses suction. It's easier to use, so even employees can use this tool to fix a clogged toilet or sink. To use the plunger, put it over the affected drain. Push the plunger up and down a few times until you have a good amount of suction, then release and remove the plunger. The clog should be freed after doing this once or twice. 

6. Tool Box

Finally, make sure you have a basic toolbox in your office. It should contain the bare minimum, such as screwdrivers. It's also a good idea to have wrenches in varying sizes, hammers, and duct tape.

Plumbing supplies are necessary for every business and office to help keep plumbing issues and mishaps at bay. If you do not have a kit in your office, make sure you pick up these items and include them into your kit. For issues these tools can't solve, contact a local plumber, like Barstow Industrial Supply.