Renting a Dumpster? Here's 3 Things You Need to Know

Dumpsters are great for being able to eliminate a bunch of excess waste and garbage from around your home. While some items can easily be disposed of in these dumpsters, others are prohibited and some may tend to cost you extra. To help you understand what items should be thrown into a dumpster and what items shouldn't, check out the information below. Items You Will Pay Extra Money For Regardless of whether you rented a dumpster to get rid of excess items around your home or you are looking to remodel, it is important that you understand that certain items aren't meant to be thrown away like everything else.

Plumbing 101: 6 Must-Have Supplies For Your Office

Every business owner should have some plumbing supplies in their office or workplace. Even if you aren't skilled at plumbing, you can use these tools to help keep a plumbing emergency under control until the plumber can arrive. So what should you keep in your office? Here are six plumbing supplies to have on hand at all times: 1. Plumbing Putty Plumbing putty is a very handy tool to have on hand.

Keeping Your Cooling Tower Safe

Cooling towers are essential to the efficient operation of air conditioning systems and electric power generation as well as other manufacturing uses. Since cooling towers extract heat and discharge it via water evaporation into the atmosphere, they are valuable tools for businesses, apartment houses, and medical facilities. Maintaining your cooling tower properly is essential to its safe performance. Bacteria Improperly maintained cooling towers have given the equipment a bad name. Cooling towers do not cause disease, but poor maintenance of them does.

Four Tips For Maintaining The Safety And Efficiency Of Your Band Saw

Band saws are one of the most ubiquitous tools throughout woodworking shops, and there's a reason why everyone has a story about a band saw job gone awry. Poorly maintained band saws won't just be difficult to use -- they will also be quite dangerous. If you want to keep your equipment in working order (and keep all of your digits), you may want to follow these simple maintenance tips.

Dangerous Assumptions Operators Often Make Regarding Crane Safety

Crane inspections help to ensure safety in industrial operations. However, properly educating operators regarding safety precautions is just as important as running regular inspections when it comes to ensuring safety. The following are some assumptions operators should know not to make when operating a crane: I can go over weight capacity when loading the crane because there is a huge safety margin built into maximum capacity calculations. When work demands are pressuring operators, they may be tempted to ignore capacity limits after making the assumption that they can go well over them without compromising safety.